What locals and tourists equally like are the fascinating river cruises in Budapest, Hungary. The city of Budapest gets magical and stunning when the Budapest attractions along the river bank are illuminated after sunset. What did some of the tourists say about the Budapest river cruise?

It seems that may of the tourists expected to see the river Danube bluer. Indeed, especially if there is a lot of rainy day, or many cruises, the water in the river gets murky. Sorry, this is the Danube. But we will try to offer you the best river cruise with dinner in Budapest.

Reviews, opinions of the cruises on the river Danube in Budapest are useful to read before making your booking. Let us know how you liked the cruise, please.

Budapest River Cruise reviews

The following reviews are from TripAdvisor travel site: Danube Budapest reviews.

Full disclosure: cruises both big and small are not my top activities when sighting seeing in Europe – walking, biking, trams, etc. Day one, a 7 PM cruise (sights and drinks, not dinner) was a fantastic perspective of one our the most scenic cities in Europe.

(Budapest tourist from the US)

If you are going on a boat cruise, leave it until about 10.00 pm when all the buildings and bridges are lit up.

(Budapest tourist from Ireland –  Visited Budapest in August 2012)

Spectacular sight. whereever you stand on the river edge the view is magic. Night is amazing with the Parliament building as a backdrop. One of our favourite places in Europe

(Budapest tourist from New Zealand –  Visited Budapest in July 2012)

You can walk the shores of the bustling Danube both in the daytime and in the evening or cross over on one of the numerous bridges. The boat excursions take you up and down from the center to Margaret Island. On the way you have a magnificent view of the parliament building.

(Budapest tourist from Denmark –  Visited Budapest in August 2012)

Lovely by day, stunning by night. At night, all the buildings and bridges are lit up so it gorgeous.

(Budapest tourist from London UK –  Visited Budapest in May 2012)

We whiled away a lovely hour and a half on a riverboat trip up the Danube which was a perfect introduction to this beautiful, fascinating and truly amazing city.

Budapest, I don’t know what you did to me but I love you.

(Budapest tourist from Gloucestershire, UK –  Visited Budapest in May 2012)

One of the longest rivers in Europe with many twists and turns, it is the lifeblood of many villages and towns along the way. Soothing, calming, lovely, take a slow river cruise and enjoy every minute. If you are on a river cruise it is worth staying up late

(Budapest tourist from New Jersey, US –  Visited Budapest in May 2012)

Take the time to take a boat trip on the Danube, very picturesque and stunning views of both sides.

(Budapest tourist from the UK –  Visited Budapest in August 2012)

Traveling by boat along the Danube is a great way to see the city of Budapest! As well as take some fantastic pictures from angles that would otherwise not be possible.

(Budapest tourist from the UK –  Visited Budapest in July 2012)
If you go to Budapest, you must include Danube in your schedule. Whether it will be a boat tour, a walk on Margaret Island or a climb to the Castle, Danube is there for you, to offer amazing sights and a romantic ambiance.

(Budapest tourist from Brasov, Romania –  Visited Budapest in March 2012)

Biggest/widest river I have ever seen & it goes on for miles & miles…the bridges are stunning! Make sure you do a boat trip…other way to see the beauty of Budapest.

(Budapest tourist from London, UK – Visited Budapest in August 2012)

What a beautiful city! We took the Danube night river boat tour and it was almost magical seeing so many beautiful buildings light up. The Parliament buildings and the Castle are truly a sight to behold. Highly recommended!

(Budapest tourist from Canada – Visited Budapest in September 2012)

You can admire the Danube in several places. deserve to take a boat ride on the Danube. One of the attractions of Budapest together with bridges. Fascinating view.

(Budapest tourist from Bucharest, Romania – Visited Budapest in August 2012)

The memory of our river boat trip along the Danube at night will stay with me for a long time. Very romantic

(Budapest tourist from Lichfield – Visited Budapest in August 2012)

Especially for those who are visiting Budapest for the first time, we would highly recommend spending at least an hour right at the beginning of your trip on a cruise on the river Danube to sit back, relax, and enjoy amazing view on the 2 banks of the Danube – you wont regret it!

(Budapest tourist from Singapore – Visited Budapest in August 2012)

you can see the danube from various points in Budapest. It is a perfect back drop for pictures, the right scenery for a romantic chat or a lovely meal in one of the boats that have restaurants onboard

(Budapest tourist from Spain – Visited Budapest in August 2012)

Is great.You think you are in the past.Specially in the night.A cruise in danube is nessesary.

(Budapest tourist from Greece – Visited Budapest in January 2012)

We cruised the Danube during December and the views along the way were gorgeous – I took about a thousand pictures! It snowed and was so pretty!

(Budapest tourist from Florida, US – Visited Budapest in December 2011)

Buda is on one side of the Danube and Pest is on the other. There are beautiful bridges crossing the Danube. You can see pictures of the destruction of these bridges by the Nazis in the Castle area. It’s an amazing river and there is so much history and so many cities on it. It’s not blue but you can’t have everything. You can bike for many kilometers alongside the Danube and stop in little towns or you can take a boat along it or you can just sit and watch it. There is a very moving memorial near the Parliament Buildings in Budapest to the Jews who were shot by the Nazis and fell into the river. The memorial consists of shoes. Some have candles in them, others flowers. It is heartbreaking.

(Budapest tourist from Canada – Visited Budapest in May 2012)

Beautiful view from the city riding a boat. There is a plenty of boats riding the Danube where is possible to lunch or dinner while seing the beautiful view of the city monuments

(Budapest tourist from Canada – Visited Budapest in May 2012)

A must. What the Thames is to London the Danube is to Europe. Take any of the riverboat trips and see Budapest from the river

(Budapest tourist from England UK – Visited Budapest in May 2012)

It was a dream fulfilled when I saw the Danube. I not only read about it but taught children for years about this water body. In Budapest , the river looks gorgeous not only in the daytime but also at night with the lights reflecting from the shores . And don’t forget to take the cruise at night.

(Budapest tourist from India – Visited Budapest in March 2012)

this mix of msterdam and venice in europe… the sea remembered us with venice, the building shown amsterdam so enjoy it

(Budapest tourist from Singapore – Visited Budapest in January 2012)

Danube by night was excellent. Good food. Friendly staff and they spoke fluent English. Live music also.

(Budapest tourist from Finland – Visited Budapest in November 2011)

Cruise at night only. At night you’ll see the city lights but more importantly, the statues and monuments on top of surrounding hills are all lit up brilliantly, seeming to hover in the sky on their own. The bridges are also lit up which are impressive.

(Budapest tourist from New Zealand – Visited Budapest in August 2011)

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